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Technology for Silicon and Thin Films
PV Engineering Lectures
During the Spring semester of 2014, I taught a Photovoltaics Engineering course to a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students at Brown University.  The range of the course was broad, covering the full supply supply chain from sand to silicon, cell and module manufacturing and design and device physics, systems, energy policy, cost analysis, equipment vendors, and materials vendors.  Heavy emphasis was placed on silicon-based PV and real-world applied problems.  Below are edited pdf versions of the lectures with homework, project, and business plan slides removed.  I hope others will find them useful in either teaching future PV courses or learning more about PV, although there are not many bullet points for explaining topics since I relied heavily on verbal explanations.  Slides from guest lecturers are not included.  Thanks to Prof. Tonio Buonassisi from MIT, PVCDROM, ITRPV, and Greentech Media where I sourced much material.  Contact me directly for Powerpoint versions of the lectures.

Lecture1 - PV Market and Motivation

Lecture2 - Solar Resource and Optics

Lecture3 - Semiconductors and p-n junctions

Lecture4 - Si feedstock ingot and wafer manufacturing

Lecture5 - Solar cell operation

Lecture6 - Solar Cell Manufacturing

Lecture7 - Module Manufacturing

Lecture8 - Cell-to-Module Gains and Losses

Lecture9 - Advanced silicon cells

Lecture11 - Thin Film PV

Lecture12 - PV Policy Financing BOS and Systems

Lecture13 - Concentrator PV and Reliability

Student course evaluations

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